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EcoWorld Green

Development Certification Body Certification Status Date Achieved
Eco Sky GBI Certified – Final 9 January 2019 (non-residential)
7 June 2021 (residential)
Green Mark Certified – Final
Certified – Final
12 April 2018 (non-residential)
28 July 2021 (residential)
LEED Certified – Pre-Certification September 2014
Eco Sanctuary Green Mark Certified - Final 5 June 2018 (districts)
15 November 2019 (districts - international)
Bukit Bintang City Centre GBI Gold – Provisional
Certified – Provisional
Certified – Provisional
14 April 2016 (township)
28 December 2016 (non-residential)
12 November 2018 (residential)
LEED Certified – Provisional 27 October 2016 (retail mall)
The Stride @ Bukit Bintang City Centre GBI Certified – Provisional 4 December 2017 (non-residential)
Eco Majestic GBI Certified – Provisional 3 August 2017
Eco Ardence GBI Certified – Provisional 12 October 2018
Eco Grandeur Green Mark Certified – Final 4 December 2020
GreenRE Bronze – Provisional 25 May 2023
Eco Forest GBI Certified – Provisional 7 June 2021
Eco Botanic Green Mark Certified – Provisional
Certified – Final
27 February 2017 (districts)
29 March 2017 (landed houses)
GreenRE Bronze – Final 13 September 2023 (township)
Eco Nest @ Eco Botanic Green Mark Certified – Final 16 October 2018 (residential)
Eco Business Park I GreenRE Bronze – Final 6 March 2019
Eco Business Park II GreenRE Bronze – Final 9 March 2020
Eco Spring GreenRE Bronze – Provisional 25 May 2023 (township)
Eco Tropics GreenRE Bronze – Provisional 13 July 2023 (township)
Eco Botanic 2 GreenRE Bronze – Provisional 19 June 2023 (township)
Eco Terraces GBI Gold – Final 16 November 2020
Eco Meadows GBI Certified – Provisional 15 July 2016
Eco Bloom @ Eco Meadows GBI Certified – Provisional 4 December 2017
Eco Horizon GBI Certified – Provisional 10 May 2019 (township)
28 January 2021 (residential)
28 February 2020 (non-residential)

As at September 2023

Green Building Index
Green Building
Index (GBI)

is Malaysia’s recognised green rating tool for measuring and promoting sustainability in the built enviroment. The GBI rating tool helps developers to design and construct green and sustainable buildings that can provide energy savings, water savings, better connectivity to public transport and the adoption of recycling.

BCA Green Mark
BCA Green Mark

is introduced by the Singapore Building Construction Academy. It is a green building rating system that evaluates a building for its environmental impact and performance. It provides a comprehensive framework for assessing the overall environmental performance of new and existing buildings to promote sustainable design, construction and operation practices in buildings.

Leadership in Energy &
Environmental Design (LEED)
Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED)

green building rating system is developed by the U.S. Green Building Council. It is designed to promote design and construction practices that increase profitablitity while reducing negative environmental impacts of buildings and improving occupants health and well-being.

Green Real Estate
Green Real Estate

is the leading green building certification tool developed by REHDA as an alternative green building rating tool for the property development and construction industry in Malaysia. It focuses on 6 pillars of sustainability in assessing a particular building or township project mainly: Energy Efficiency, Water Efficiency, Carbon Emission, Environmental Protection, Indoor Environmental Quality & Other Green Features.

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