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9th February 2015

EcoWorld to the rescue – again

MACHANG: EcoWorld Foundation has come to the rescue of yet another school located beside Sungai Kelantan, painstakingly cleaning it of knee-deep mud.

At the height of the floods, the SJKC Chung Hwa was inundated under 5m of water.

Over 30 EcoWorld Development Group Berhad staff, bringing along tools, spades and water-powered jet equipment in 11 four-wheel drives, got down to the task of cleaning up the school compound since Thursday.

They even gave a section of the building a new coat of paint. Yesterday, Foundation Chairman Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye handed out 100 bags of tumblers, lunch boxes and Chinese New Year goodies to the parents of the pupils.

“To date, the foundation has donated RM150,000 in cash and kind to flood victims in Kelantan, Pahang and Terengganu.

“On top of that, some 700 employees chipped in and donated RM70,000 of essential goods,” he told reporters here yesterday.

Chung Hwa headmaster Poh Kim Hee thanked EcoWorld for the contributions to the school.

“On behalf of the 47 pupils and 13 teachers, I want to thank EcoWorld and other kind contributors in our times of hardship.

“We are used to floods that normally come up to 1m but on Dec 24, the water level was five times as high.

“Today, we have recovered from the floods and hope to continue our lives, leaving the devastation behind,” he added.

The EcoWorld team also distributed 250 packages of goods comprising medicine, flashlights, candles, stoves and mosquito coils to villages in Temangan, Kampung Dusun Bunut, Dusun Saih and Kampung Tasar – all in Kuala Krai, Manik Urai, and Kampung Lepar and Kampung Miak in Gua Musang.

Early last month, the foundation had extended a helping hand to SKJC Yuk Chai in Kuala Krai, donating more than 400 schoolbags and 10 computers.

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