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6th June 2017

Eco World celebrates World Environment Day

SHAH ALAM: In conjunction with World Environment Day (WED) 2017, Eco World Development Group Berhad (EcoWorld) hosted a series of green community events across its developments in the Klang Valley on 4th June.

The activities organised showcased creative and educational workshops that promote how we can be more environmentally conscious in our daily routine.

  • Eco Majestic in Semenyih organised an enjoyable Terrarium workshop;
  • Eco Sanctuary in Telok Panglima Garang, Selangor and Eco Grandeur in Puncak Alam organised an exciting DIY Bird Feeder workshop while over at
  • Eco Ardence in Shah Alam, families were able to have a go at farming together at the DIY self-watering plant workshop

“Apart from creating World Class Eco-living in all our developments, we also place a strong emphasis on building sustainable environments and promoting community living in our developments. We ensure that our developments are surrounded by lush greenery and are equipped with facilities such as parks, dedicated walkways and bicycle lanes to encourage our communities towards embracing a healthier lifestyle,” said Dato’ Chang Khim Wah, President & CEO of Eco World Development Group Berhad.

“We have even installed a bicycle for hire scheme and this is already available in our Eco Botanic project in Iskandar Malaysia. In the Klang Valley, Eco Sanctuary boasts a 30km cycling path for its residents,” explained Chang.

“We also have a yearly Green Realisation Plan that is developed and administered by the EcoWorld Green Council that helps fulfil our vision of Creating Tomorrow & Beyond whilst promoting ‘Green & Sustainability’ through the brand name,” added Chang.

The latest green initiative by the Group is a collaboration with Kloth Lifestyle to produce the Group’s corporate uniforms with material made from recycled plastic bottles.

“For decades the textile industry has been a major source of pollution. We are very glad to have this opportunity to collaborate with Kloth Lifestyle, who has after years of research, have the expertise to make substantial improvements with products made from recycled post-consumer plastic bottles and help in reducing waste as an organisation,” said Chang.

The unique process involves turning environmentally damaging waste into eco-friendly and sustainable yarns. The recycled yarns are then combined with natural fibres to be woven or knitted into 100% eco-friendly fabrics, perfect for garments, home textiles and accessories.

Recycled polyester yarn is produced in compliance with sustainable production that has proven to use 70% less energy and 65% less carbon emissions in comparison to the production of virgin polyester.

Each corporate uniform is made out of 6 recycled bottles and is embroidered with a Waste2Wear Label that signifies the total number of recycled bottles used as the number of recycled bottles used varies with the type of product produced.

Kloth Lifestyle is the first and only socially responsible company in Malaysia awarded with the MyHijau Mark certification issued by GreenTech Malaysia under the textiles and waste sector category.

Chang added: “As an eco-developer, we do not only limit green initiatives to our developments and communities but we also focus on our most important asset – Team EcoWorld. Throughout the year, we organise various green activities within the organisation such as Urban Gardening to help instil a green mindset amongst staff to care for our environment which is also in line with our efforts of continuous pursuit of innovation and sustainability.”

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