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Innovative solutions for every lifestyle

NEW is the keyword that perfectly represents our two latest offerings – Co-Homes and duduk by EcoWorld. Both aim to bring innovative living solutions to meet your lifestyle needs.

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#InstaYours Homeownership Programme

Your ideal home is no longer just a dream.

Because dreams do come true – if you make it happen.

With EcoWorld #InstaYours, your dream home is instantly yours.

Don’t just dream it, own it.

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For Generations

Baby boomers. Millennials. Gen Z. You are not defined by when you were born, but by when you feel most alive. Not by what you do, but by what you love. Not by your age, but by how you want to live.
At EcoWorld, we’re not just about Creating Tomorrow & Beyond – we are here with you every step of the way to co-create your desired future.

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Rumah idaman seindah kayangan. Keluarga bahagia mencipta kenangan. Realisasikan impian anda bersama-sama EcoWorld.

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For Generations 2020

Excitement Awaits You!

Plan your 2020 holidays with your family,
friends and loved ones with our E-Calendar.

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