A Unique Business Experience

Eco Business Park V (EBP V) is set to evolve and revolutionise the business, commercial and industrial sectors of the Klang Valley with its world-class facilities and range of resource-saving features.

EBP 5: Vital Connectivity
Artist impression of EBP 5 from an overview perspective
EBP 5: Vital Connectivity

Business Accessibility and Connectivity

Start Here and Get Going

Eco Business Park V is in the north-west region in the Klang Valley, putting it within easy reach to major highways that stretch out to all corners of the country, as well as seaports and airports to further destinations around the region and the world. Its location is also approximate to key business hubs and industries, as well as major townships and neighbourhoods – giving access to more than five million people in the Klang Valley.

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  • Flight radius of 6-8 hours from Asia’s major growth centres Flight radius of 6-8 hours from Asia’s major growth centres
  • Connected to 3 major ports Connected to 3 major ports
  • In proximity of a global market of 600 million people In proximity of a global market of 600 million people
  • The region’s largest single project development The region’s largest single project development
EBP 5: Versatile Design & Architecture
Artist impression of EBP 5's flexi-space concept
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Innovative Flexi-space Concept

A unique design allows business owners to utilise their units in a variety of ways, be it as a retail outlet, a warehouse, an office or a manufactory.

  1. Tinted windows
  2. Well-located office space enhances intra-office interactions
  3. High ceiling height ensures proper ventilation
  4. Skylight and louvres provides ample natural lighting
  5. Floor loading of 10 kilonewton per square metre
EBP 5: Versatile Design & Architecture


Eco Business Park V exudes an aura of modern professionalism. The façade of the units is visually arresting with angular structures and distinctive lines. They are also practically designed to ensure ease of customisation. Solar passive features like window louvres, high ceilings and ample greenery help to minimise heat gain and save energy.

EBP 5: Valuable Eco Features
Artist impression of EBP 5's viewing deck
EBP 5: Valuable Eco Features

Passive Green Features

Eco Business Park V comes with a comprehensive range of eco-friendly features. These components not only help businesses save on energy and resources, they also reduce the park’s overall carbon footprint.

  • Ample green pockets or lungs
  • Extensive use of LED street lamps
  • Rainwater harvesting system
  • Heat-reducing aluminium louvres and tall windows
EBP 5: Vigilant Security
Artist impression of EBP 5's grand entrance
EBP 5: Vigilant Security

Superior Security Features

Run your business with peace of mind

Eco Business Park V uses a variety of security features that ensure peace of mind for tenants, while optimising business efficiency.

  • Advanced Visitor Management System
  • Top-of-the-line CCTV
  • 24-hour Monitoring
  • Well-trained personnel
Illustration of the three-way entry system
Three-way Entry

Eco Business Park V employs a three-lane entrance and exit system, assigning dedicated lanes for owners, visitors and heavy vehicles. This system improves traffic flow into and out of the park, allowing owners and those with access passes unobstructed entry, while visitors and trucks are processed separately for security purposes.

EBP 5: Visionary Business Solutions
EBP 5: Visionary Business Solutions

Business with Ease

EcoWorld has all the tools you need to get your business going with our proprietary One-Stop Business Solution - an exclusive range of services that helps owners set up their business, and settle into Eco Business Park V quickly and easily.

  • Business Facilitators

    We help to assist business owners, especially those who are new in the country, to set up their businesses by providing assistance in facilitating applications and approvals from MIDA, Department of Environment, Registrar of Companies, EPF, SOCSO, etc.

  • Business Incubators

    We provide assistance and pre-move-in facilities for associations or companies awaiting the completion of their factories, such as boardrooms, meeting rooms, internet facilities and office spaces.

  • Community Halls

    We provide a large space for promotional activities and events to strategically attract crowds and boost patronage.

Additional Services

EcoWorld Residence Club & EcoWorld Property Services

A one-stop service centre that provides Property Care Services & Common Area Support Services. These two departments are set up to provide business support services for all business owners, developed by EcoWorld. It is entrusted with the responsibility of managing & maintaining EcoWorld developments. Events are organised to help business owners enhance brand exposure, while training modules are provided for employees of business owners to help them improve their knowledge and skills.

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