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Code of Conduct and Business Ethics for Employees


Dear Team EcoWorld,  

I am very delighted to launch EcoWorld Code of Conduct and Business Ethics here. I believe and am confident that this Code will make a significant contribution to improving the knowledge and understanding of the principles of business conduct and ethics amongst all of us, and I am determined that the guidance set out in the Code is followed in daily practice.   

Our reputation and integrity is a key business asset and the foundation of our success, and in this respect, we must act with honesty at all times and treat each other with infallible honour. All that we do at work will be – and should be – measured against the highest possible standards of ethical and business conduct. This commitment will consequently enable us to hire people of better calibre, build greater products, and is fundamental to our long-term relationships with our customers.   

It is our responsibility to carry ourselves in an ethical business manner and also to ensure that others do the same. By applying the principles that we have set out, guided by the values that underpin them, you can play your part in upholding EcoWorld’s reputation. 

Dato’ Chang Khim Wah 

Chief Executive Officer 


Code of Conduct and Business Ethics for Employees

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