Chinese New Year 2017
Eco Ardence
Eco Grandeur


EcoWorld wishes you and your family an abundance of blessings, good fortune, and happiness.

Eco Ardence is the cradle of passion, a place infused with vibrant energy and alive with activities. This is where the creation of art, the expression of culture and the innovation of commerce converge, inspiring a sense of pride and belonging in the community. Flourishing with life and yet serene in spirit, it is a redefinition of an enclave, the re-imagination of Shah Alam.

Harvest an abundance of nature in all its glory, here at Eco Grandeur. Exquisitely manicured landscaping introduces you to the endless possibilities that lie beyond.

A symbol of class and prestige, BBCC is a landmark that is set to revitalise the landscape of the city with its globally influential centre for art and culture, trend and flavour, business and pleasure, as well as our thriving community and the environment.

An Exceptional Experience

Grandezza, the final landed, gated and guarded precinct in Eco Sanctuary, the ultimate iteration of our vision of creating a mesmerising haven, it makes a bold statement about just how exceptional and luxurious life can be.